We create modern and empathetic designs capable of awakening emotions, transforming lives and spaces with results that enhance our value as a brand.

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Years of experience

in the national and international market.

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Projects executed

for national and international brands.

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Sq Ft. production area.

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Cubic meters of transformation capacity.

Our optimized equipment, allow us to simultaneously machine products of wood and products of specific and varied dimensions in surprisingly short times.

We strongly believe in strategic thinking for global solutions through a multidisciplinary team that loves challenges, is creative, curious and has the ability to renew the environment through design and innovation.

It focuses on the manufacture of architectural carpentry and large volumes of wood production such as: paneling, kitchens, closets, doors, showcase doors, bathroom furniture, frames and special furniture. Efficiently integrating the manufacturing, assembly and installation processes; we offer top quality products at an excellent price.







Communication Doors

By combining design elements such as clean lines, asymmetrical balance and bold shapes, the Legacy style provides alternatives for authenticity and accessibility.